Rich kayaking with Mike in background

Finally!  A few spare minutes to write a blog post in this busy 2021 season… say hello to our new toys and our old friends! 

Ever since we moved to Balcary we’ve been promising ourselves a couple of kayaks so this summer we joined the rest of the country in the mad dash to buy some during the five minutes that any seemed to be in stock.


Just a few days before the late May bank holiday we finally took delivery of our shiny new kayaks.  Fortunately the lock down rules had eased at this point and we were also able to take delivery of our first visitors to the house since 2020. 


Inflating the boat

Our friends Rich and Louise arrived all ready to try out their own inflatable kayak. (This was actually an impromptu purchase from Aldi’s famous middle aisle back in 2019 – what foresight!)

After the (rather serious) amount of muscle required to blow theirs up, and with Lou looking like someone interviewing for the coastguard police, we all headed out for some fun on to the bay…

Girl in life vest standing in garden
Kayaking with friends on Balcary Bay

After a fairly chaotic start – where some of us managed to provide entertainment for the beach crowd by quickly going overboard –  we finally paddled out on to the bay (Mike and I trying to remember all we had been taught during our fab kayaking lesson at the Loch Ken outdoor centre).  Once we got going though, all was fine and Louise even managed to get a brief video whilst serenading us all through the calm waters… how…er… lovely?


Kayaking in Balcary Bay
Lou kayaking on balcary bay

There’s a completely different view to be had once you get out on the water – whilst looking out over Hestan is always stunning, it’s nice to experience something a bit different – the view back toward Balcary and also out toward Screel and Red Haven is just beautiful on a clear day. 

Since then we’ve been out on the water as often as time allows, which, with a busier season than ever has not been nearly as often as we’d like.  We haven’t ventured outside of the bay itself just yet, but maybe once the upper body strength improves I might be prepared to give that at go….

… for the time being an evening pootle about, watching the sunset over the balmy waters with a cool beverage in hand will do me just fine :-).

Evening kayak on Balcary Bay
Kayaking with Balcary Tower in the background
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